What we do

BrightCarbon helps sales and marketing teams create effective sales tools. Mostly that means presentations, but it can also mean dynamic animations, or Visual Conversations – anything that uses our visual storytelling abilities. These tools really work – we help our customers to hit their “numbers”.

  • We use images and animations to make sure that the things we create are compelling. We don’t think that bullet-points help you to get your point across – the audience read them and ignore the presenter.
  • Our specialist expertise in presentation design ensures clear communication, whatever the device, or however big the stage. We make things look beautiful – but never at the expense of getting your point across.
  • We know how to ask the right questions and to tease out the effective sales messages, to ensure that your material is persuasive. We can get your messages to stick, but you also need them to work.

At the core of the way BrightCarbon operates is a focus on referrals. We try to delight each customer, so that they want to keep on working with us, and spread the word about our services. If a customer wouldn’t recommend our services, we see that as a disappointment, a failure, and an opportunity lost. What does this mean for customers?

  • We try really hard to deliver great work
  • We keep looking for ways we can do more than is expected
  • We provide aftercare, to help our customers even after the project is over.