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Slide Revamp

Do your presenters ever start a presentation by apologising for their slides? Is PowerPoint the weak link in the impression you give?

With BrightCarbon Slide Revamp you can:

  • Reduce your use of bullet points, and rescue your audiences from awful boring slides
  • Make sure your slides communicate clearly, whether projected, displayed on a big screen, or shown on a tablet
  • Impress your audiences with professional slide design.

With a widespread backlash against Death by PowerPoint, and high-profile examples of great slides hitting the public consciousness, audiences expect more. You use specialist agencies for much of your B2B marketing material. Key presentations should be created by specialists.

BrightCarbon’s Slide Revamp will help you:

  • Enhance your brand with great slide design – Perfectly aligned to your brand guidelines
  • Make your presenters more confident – As they stop feeling embarrassed when using your corporate slide decks
  • Improve productivity – Your salespeople spend less time creating their own slides, and more focusing on their own jobs.
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Price £1375 £1875 £2750 £3500
Price $2000 $2750 $4000 $5250
Price €1800 €2500 €3550 €4600
Max slides 10 20 35 50
iPad optimised
Carbon Aftercare

*M is a typical presentation lasting for 25-30 minutes

Standard Services

Programmed template – fully programmed PowerPoint template based on your existing background.

Simple visualisation – simple visuals to represent your ideas, helping you communicate in a clear and compelling way.

Slide design – to deliver great looking slides that enhance your image. We use PowerPoint so that you can make edits whenever you want to.

Online reviews – to make sure our suggestions meet your needs, incorporate your ideas, and to ensure that you are delighted with your presentation.

Project management – tailored to your preferences, to ensure you get the presentation you need, when you need it, in a way that’s easy for you.

Included in the Solution

iPad optimised – we edit the slides as necessary so that they work well on iPad, and provide instructions on how to get them onto the device.

Carbon Aftercare – we’ll provide two hours of online edits after a week, month, and quarter – so that you remain happy with your new presentation, and any feedback from the field can be incorporated.