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Presentation Helpdesk

Did you ever wish that you had a ‘Presentation Department’ that could provide specialist presentation support whenever you need it? With BrightCarbon Presentation Helpdesk you can:

  • Receive priority service whenever you need a new or reworked presentation
  • Establish clear guidelines for how you want your slides created, and have these followed to the letter
  • Have immediate access to the up-to-date toolkit BrightCarbon uses to create your slides, for when you want to make your own
  • Enjoy volume discounts, priority service, and faster turnaround.

For many organisations, setting up orders for frequent small projects can be time-consuming, slow, and ultimately expensive – once the administration costs are taken into account. Sometimes presenters need help “yesterday” – waiting for a PO isn’t an option. Presentation outsourcing allows you to receive far better quality presentations, while focusing on your core business, not messing around with PowerPoint.

If your in-house design team doesn’t specialise in PowerPoint, doesn’t understand what’s wrong with bullet-points, or doesn’t have the capacity to help, then BrightCarbon’s Presentation Helpdesk service is the answer. With Presentation Helpdesk you will:

  • Help more presenters, more of the time – to improve the culture of presentations in your company
  • Save money, compared with separate purchasing
  • Improve presentation quality – and so enjoy better results
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The Presentation Helpdesk service is provided on a retainer based on a guaranteed minimum spend over an agreed period – typically 12 months. This commitment provides you with access to volume discount with no minimum individual transaction value. You pay stage payments quarterly in advance, which are credited against your Presentation Helpdesk account. Then, you simply call off services as and when you require them.

The minimum guaranteed spend for an annual Presentation Helpdesk service is £10,000. The range of services incorporated into your Presentation Helpdesk service can be tailored to meet your needs precisely, as a result individual service pricing is available on application.