Compelling, clear, and persuasive presentations

Different types of presentation require different approaches

There’s no single approach to presentation design that works for everything. Sales presentations, investor presentations, training presentations, conference presentations, and SlideShare slides all need different things. Our approach is to go about each project in a way that’s appropriate for the situation.

Visual aids should be visual, not text-based

Making a text-heavy slide look beautiful doesn’t make it effective. Audiences can’t read and listen at the same time, so text-based slides undermine presenters. Our approach is to find the right visuals to support presenters in telling their stories.

For sales presentations and training presentations, slides need to do some ‘heavy lifting’

When you are explaining complex ideas, static photos – however beautiful – often aren’t enough. Diagrams, graphs, and animations can all help audiences to understand, and support presenters in getting their points across. Our approach is to create slides that make the complex simple.

Creating compelling slides is about much more than just design

Beautiful slides aren’t enough. Your slides need to aid understanding, support the presenter, and keep audiences engaged. Our approach is to use presentation designers alongside visualisation experts to create beautiful slides that work.

A visual presentation needs to be based on the right messages

The foundation of an effective presentation is the messaging. Say the wrong thing, position your offering in the wrong way, or misunderstand your audience, and the presentation will flop. Our approach is to understand precisely what you are trying to achieve, bring a fresh perspective to internal discussions, and then work with you to craft clear and persuasive messages.

Appropriate animation helps you to tell your story

Those that say slides shouldn’t use animation are typically railing against pointless and distracting flourishes. We agree that animation needs to add value – and it can. Our approach is to use animation to convey change, explain how things work, and to tell a story. We can make PowerPoint slides that look like TV graphics.

Presenters should be able to update their own slides

There’s nothing worse than an agency that tries to create dependency – where every edit or change requires a purchase order and takes a month. Our approach is to create slides in PowerPoint or Keynote so that text is editable, to offer Carbon aftercare included with each project, and to provide PowerPoint training for those that want it.