Motion Graphics

Sometimes you really need to get noticed. You need something fast. Something exciting. The business equivalent of an action movie – explosions-and-all. With motion graphics you can grab attention, impress your audiences, and change hearts-and-minds.

We use sophisticated visual storytelling, fluid 2D and 3D animation, fast-paced video, and just the right music – to help you get noticed, enhance your content, and explain your messages persuasively and memorably.

Our Process

01 | Write story

Writing an animation is hard - it involves saying just the right things, quickly, and no more. We work to understand your content, your objectives, and your audience - and then craft the right story to bring them together.

Presentation message & animation content
02 | Set animation style

We work with you to set a stunning design style, so that when people see your motion graphic they are drawn-in and impressed. We can work within your existing brand, or do something completely new - it's up to you.

Agree design style
03 | Visualisation and flow

We storyboard your content with engaging visual sequences to make sure your motion graphic is compelling, and work out how script, visuals, and video should interact for maximum impact. We get your approval on the storyboard before we proceed.

04 | Design and animation

We pull everything together in After Effects with stunning design and slick animations. Video, graphics, music, text - all moving, all working hard, almost hypnotic in their impact. Your audience will notice. Of course they will. You've brought the big guns.



Find out more

In addition to fully custom motion graphics, we can also build animations based on high-quality commercially available animation templates. Pricing varies, but will typically be only 25% of that listed above. Please contact us for more information.

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We’d been badly let down and got hold of BrightCarbon on a Friday afternoon – with a Monday deadline! They were reassuring, professional, easy to work with. They listened and delivered great visuals – now adopted across the board.

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