Whether you need to educate your workforce with an online manual or share your latest research with your clients digitally, BrightCarbon’s Click-and-Explore service gives you an interactive resource that is both useful and beautifully designed.

We take your static content – manuals, documents, epic slide decks – and turn them into something usable, interactive, and effective.

Files are typically published as web or intranet pages using HTML5, or they can even be provided as PowerPoint files to be viewed locally.

Interactive resource click-and-explore

Our Process

01 | Plan and structure

We sit down with you to craft your content to get the right focus in the right places. We map out your content, how it will be structured, and how users will flow through.

Plan and structure
02 | Wireframe navigation

We create layout wireframes, slide storyboards, and design the interface so it's intuitive for your users to navigate. We check everything with you to make sure the user journey is as you want it.

Storyboard eLearning
03 | Design click-and-explore

We design your resource. We work with you to find the right style, considering your guidelines, requirements, hopes and dreams. We'll send you a designed sample and, once you're happy, we'll continue designing the rest of your content.

Design eLearning
04 | Add navigation and interactivity

Once we have designed your resource, and you are happy with the static content, we build the navigation and interactivity over the top. Then we prepare the resource in the right format, and optimise it for your infrastructure.

eLearning add interactions and navigation



Because interactive resource size and complexity varies so significantly, Click-and-Explore pricing is custom for each project. Typically to scope projects some parts are priced at the same rates as complex slide design, and others are priced as simple slide design or as straightforward graphic design. Please contact us to discuss your project.

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We’d been badly let down and got hold of BrightCarbon on a Friday afternoon – with a Monday deadline! They were reassuring, professional, easy to work with. They listened and delivered great visuals – now adopted across the board.

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