Writing presentations

Better sales presentations

Now is the time to improve your company's sales presentations. Don't wait, do it now! We've a set of six short videos that will share some great tips and tricks to help you develop sales presentations that work.

Writing presentations

Powerful presentation openings

Struggling to make an impact with your sales presentations? There could be fundamental flaws in your opening slides, and once you've lost your audience attention - you'll never get it back. Find out how to powerfully open your presentations and keep your audience on the edge of their seats with our free video presentation.

Writing presentations

Presentation message & content

Confident your sales presentations are hitting the mark with your audience? If not, we've some great advice to help improve your presentations in terms of the messages and content you present. Sign up for our free video content!

Want to understand the six biggest mistakes people make with their sales presentations, and more importantly how you can stop making them? Sign up for our free 15 minute master class and fix your sales tools today!

Do you have partners selling on your behalf? Are they getting the results you expect? Maybe your current sales tools aren't hitting the mark with your partners. In the video presentation we talk about creating powerful sales tools specifically for your partners. We touch on the problems and of course the solutions. We look at what is needed and how to cater for lots of different requirements from different partners. Sign up to receive the free on-demand video content.

Writing presentations

iPad sales conversations

Selling on the iPad is great. Instant-on. Removes physical barriers. Standing out from the crowd. But don't just put your existing sales presentation on the iPad. Visual Conversations® involve moving away from a linear presentation flow; using powerful visuals; sketching, and using polls; and handing the iPad back-and-forth.

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