PowerPoint tips and tricks

Mind blowing PowerPoint!

We've all seen PowerPoint, we all know what to expect, right? Boring bullet points, uninspiring design, and terrible animation effects. Well prepare to have your mind blown! PowerPoint in the right hands can be a powerful tool; find out how to start creating your own mind blowing PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

Awesome PowerPoint tricks

We recently ran a training seminar showing off some of the awesome tricks that can be achieved in PowerPoint. If you weren't able to attend the show, but want to be more awesome in PowerPoint, you are in luck! We have put together a set of videos sharing our favourite tricks from the session.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

9 awesome PowerPoint tips!

Do you wish you could use PowerPoint like a professional? Want to be faster, smarter, and slicker with the presentation tool some people love-to-hate? Then we've the very thing and it's awesome! Sign up for our Awesome PPT tips now!

PowerPoint tips and tricks

10 more awesome PowerPoint tips!

We've racked our brains and come up with ten more awesome PowerPoint tips! If you want to take your PowerPoint skills to the next level, then look no further.

One of the things people find difficult about creating visual PowerPoint slides is knowing how to replace their bullet points with visuals and animations. To help people create visual slides, we've put together a four week set of quick PowerPoint tutorials. Sign up for the course here and learn how to visualise and animate your ideas in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

PowerPoint productivity

Do you use PowerPoint on a day to day basis? Would you like to get more done? Get better results? It's possible! We've created a tutorial looking at how to get the most out of PowerPoint. Sign up to receive the free video tutorial here.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

PowerPoint templates & masters

Starting your presentation design off on the right foot is essential. Having a consistent, branded PowerPoint template will ensure your presentation looks the part from the start. However, do you know the differences between the various masters? How do you set up your colour schemes and animations? Templates within PowerPoint can be an easy stumbling block for the uninitiated. Sign up to receive our video presentation on PPT templates and masters.

PowerPoint tips and tricks

PowerPoint graphs & charts

Graphs are a common component to most presentations, but they aren't always used correctly. An effective graph can show a trend, support your message, explain a situation, amongst other things. This video presentation explains how to use and create graphs and charts effectively. It shows the common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. It then teaches you how to create live and non-live graphs and charts in PowerPoint, that will help engage your audience and get your message across.

PowerPoint tips and tricks


Slide design is something of an art. You need to think about colours, fonts, animations, transitions, photos and images, templates and masters - often without being certain about the conditions in which your work will appear. This video lesson teaches you how to create, format, and arrange content within PowerPoint.

PowerPoint tips and tricks


Animation allows us to pace the flow of information in a presentation, as well as communicate processes and change more easily. This video presentation explains when and why to use animation. It then shows you how to use entrance effects, emphasis effects, motion paths, and exit effects.

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