Templates and freebies

Hand-drawn PowerPoint toolkit

A selection of ready-to-use animated PowerPoint slides to edit and use in your own presentations. The slides have been designed around a hand-drawn theme. A photo of a hand draws each slide, which can then be edited and adapted for your use.

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Training and learning

Training for compliance

There's a lot of compliance training out there, it's one of those things that just has to be done. So if you are going to take the time to complete training with your delegates shouldn't you make sure it works? How can you get the most out of your compliance training? How should you create it and deliver it? Gain access to our on-demand video presentation here.

Presentation skills

Presentation technology

There's lot of different technologies to consider when preparing a presentation. Sometimes the technology can get in the way, and presentations can become useless. How do you use technology effectively when developing presentations and presenting? Can iPads and other tablets play a part in your presentation? Take a look at our on-demand video on presentation technology by signing up here.

Presentation skills

Interactive presenting

A great way to drive engagement and assure audience attention is to make your presentation interactive. Which tools can you use to help you? What types of interactivity works best? Does the level of interactivity need to change depending on how you present? Be it face to face or online? Sign up for our on-demand video presentation to answer these questions and more!

Do you have partners selling on your behalf? Are they getting the results you expect? Maybe your current sales tools aren't hitting the mark with your partners. In the video presentation we talk about creating powerful sales tools specifically for your partners. We touch on the problems and of course the solutions. We look at what is needed and how to cater for lots of different requirements from different partners. Sign up to receive the free on-demand video content.

Writing presentations

iPad sales conversations

Selling on the iPad is great. Instant-on. Removes physical barriers. Standing out from the crowd. But don't just put your existing sales presentation on the iPad. Visual Conversations® involve moving away from a linear presentation flow; using powerful visuals; sketching, and using polls; and handing the iPad back-and-forth.

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