You’ve applied to what feels like (and may literally be) 101 different companies and you’ve finally landed that all important interview. Great! The only problem is, they’ve asked you to give a presentation about why they should hire you…

What makes a killer presentation? What will separate you from all of the other candidates?

I’m here to give you great tips for success in my guest blog post at SkillsYouNeed – head over to there for the full article, but if you want some quick words of wisdom, here’s a summary.

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation

A good presentation can’t be knocked together in 5 minutes. It just can’t.

2. Do your homework on the company and the role

It sounds obvious, I know, but find out what the company you are interviewing for actually does.

3. It’s not all about you

OK, so it is kind of about you. But my point is that the interviewer isn’t meeting with you simply to find out how wonderful you are.

4. What’s the proof?

You’ve read the job description and you now know the key words the company wants to hear from you. However, it’s not enough to say: ‘You’re looking for someone who’s motivated – that’s me.’ You need to prove it.

5. Don’t forget to smile

OK, so pieces on interviews always offer advice like smile, dress smartly, etc., etc., but it is important!

Interviews are scary

However, if you prepare properly, do your homework on the company, focus on how the company will benefit from hiring you, prove the skills you have and come across well while doing so, you will have a much better chance at landing that job.

Head on over to SkillsYouNeed for the full article, and if you want to learn how to spruce up your job interview presentation in three easy steps, read about our design hacks for non-designers here.

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