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Dynamic Animations

In the age of Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, and infographics – it can be hard to stand out. Explaining what you do, and what makes you different – can take longer than most prospects will give you. With BrightCarbon’s Dynamic Animations you can:

  • Get noticed by capturing the attention of busy prospects using high impact video
  • Explain complex issues clearly and quickly
  • Explain your messages persuasively, in a way that gets remembered
  • Enhance existing text-based content, and increase the chance that it will get noticed and be read
  • Embed your dynamic animation on your website, use it on landing pages, email campaigns, or with social media.

BrightCarbon Dynamic Animations use a multitude of tools – from HTML5 to hand-sketching, PowerPoint to Photoshop – to create highly stylised, fluid sequences that explain complex messages clearly and persuasively.

  • Get more prospects to interact with your messages and to opt-in for further communication
  • Enhance the visitor experience on your website by offering dynamic video content
  • Generate more leads by getting noticed, getting liked, and conveying your messages persuasively
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Price £4750 £6000
Price $7250 $9250
Price €6400 €8150
Max time 120s 240s
iPad optimised
Carbon Aftercare

Standard Services

Background & template – custom-designed, fully programmed PowerPoint template which matches your dynamic animation, to enhance your brand. The template is yours to use in your future presentations and Dynamic Animations.

Messaging consultancy – to make sure your Dynamic Animation is persuasive, clear, and memorable – and therefore effective.

Script – to ensure that your dynamic animation uses the precise language that will resonate with your intended audience and ensure that when synchronised with the visuals, your Dynamic Animation delivers your message powerfully.

Visualisation – to represent your ideas in a way that is compelling, dynamic, and that sticks in the minds of your prospects.

Slide design – to deliver great looking visuals that enhance your image.

Online reviews – to make sure our suggestions meet your needs, incorporate your ideas, and to ensure you are delighted with your Dynamic Animation.

Project management – tailored to your preferences, to ensure you get the Dynamic Animation you need, when you need it, in a way that’s easy for you.

Included in the Solution

iPad optimised – we provide an online and offline version of your Dynamic Animation that is compatible with your iPad, and provide instructions on how to get them onto the device.

Carbon Aftercare – we’ll provide two hours of online edits after a week, month, and quarter – so that you remain happy with your new presentation, and any feedback from the field can be incorporated.