One thing that some people find difficult when creating visual PowerPoint slides is knowing how to replace their bullet points with visuals. Once you actually try it though, visualisation isn’t that hard.

To help people get started creating visual slides, we’ve put together a four week set of quick tutorials to show you how to make visual, animated slides.

The tutorials each last less than 10 minutes, and include a video lesson to watch on-demand, as well as all the files you need to build your own animated visual slide.

You’ll start by learning how to make basic shapes and build up your content. Through the videos we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to create animated, engaging visuals, until you’ve got your final slide in place.

These short video tutorials will show you how to:

  • Visualise a slide, and then lay out the shapes in PowerPoint.
  • Format shapes and insert pictures to design a visual PowerPoint slide.
  • Use animation to tell your story.
  • Use advanced animation techniques – including timing, clicks, and sequences.

With your new PowerPoint skills you’ll be able to make some seriously sophisticated slides for your next presentation!

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Thank you so much for conducting our advanced PowerPoint training workshop. We will definitely use BrightCarbon in the future – we really think that we would be hard pressed to find anywhere better!

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