Do you wish you could use PowerPoint like a professional? Want to be faster, smarter, and slicker with the presentation tool some people love-to-hate?

Our best and brightest minds have got under the hood of PowerPoint and had a good rummage around to find 9 awesome PowerPoint tips you can use to make your next presentation your best presentation!

We take a look at the following hidden features and super cool tricks in a series of quick videos – each lasting just a few minutes:

  • Quick formatting steps
  • Shortcuts and tools
  • Toolbar Setup
  • Animations combinations
  • Precise motion paths
  • Graph animations
  • Shifting focus to engage your audience
  • How to find and use PowerPoint’s boolean shape tools
  • Hyperlinking for Interactivity

We’ll send you a one of our PowerPoint tips each week, so you can always find time to watch and put the tricks into action – allowing you to turn your slides up to 11.

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A big and sincere thanks for all of your superb help and effort in preparing such fantastic material and for all your excellent coaching tips. Look forward to working with you again soon.

Greg Tufnall Siemens