Defining your presentation structure can be tricky, but in order to maximize understanding and retention you’ve got to make sure you absolutely nail it. Using value propositions as the outline for your presentation helps you to craft powerful arguments tailored to the most important people in the room: your audience!

This session focuses on writing value propositions for presentations. You’ll learn how to connect with your audience’s needs and how to craft sales messages that satisfy those requirements. You’ll learn how to answer the questions “Why change?” and “Why us?” – ensuring that your audience sees you as the best solution to their problem. At the conclusion of this masterclass you will be equipped with a clear method to determine the strongest value propositions around which you can structure your sales presentation. You already have something great to offer your audience, now let’s make sure they know it!

Timezone information: UK – 4pm, Europe – 5pm, US East Coast – 11am


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I absolutely love this, thank you so much. I have shared your fabulous resources with many folks. Thanks for all the brilliant work you do!

Michaela Butterworth State of Kansas