When we think about writing sales presentations, we’re normally worried about the competition. What will they say? How will they attack us? Where do we have the edge? But as many sales opportunities are lost to the status quo as to competitors. Why? And what can you do about it?

Some buyers are genuinely happy with how things are, and unless you can persuade them that they have problems they aren’t aware of, they won’t change. But others know they have a problem, and still won’t change. You see, buyers don’t normally lose their jobs for doing nothing. But they can lose their jobs for choosing the wrong vendor and making things worse. So how do we adapt our sales presentations to deal with buyers who know they should change, but are scared to make the wrong move? Trying to persuade them they really need to change will just frighten them even more.

Join this masterclass to find out how to tailor your sales messaging to different types of buyers, to cajole buyers into action, and to beat the status quo.

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