Coronavirus is causing businesses to cut or make drastic reductions in business travel, and to cancel or move conferences and events online.

But conference organisers, marketing teams, and B2B sales people still have jobs to do – so the question immediately becomes How do you do your job when people can’t travel or meet face-to-face?

You already know how to organise an event, or a sales presentation. But you can’t just take your huge conference and shift it online without any changes if you want it to be successful – and that’s not just because some elements of a conference – things like the networking – don’t translate. Equally, you can’t just take the sales presentation you would deliver in a room of prospects and present the exact same thing virtually and expect it to work. There’s a real difference between presenting face-to-face and presenting online.

It makes a huge difference to attention levels and energy levels not being in the room with the presenter. That means presentations have to change in order to be effective in an online setting. This masterclass will show you how to move your presentations online for online events and sales meetings.

This event will be repeated on 19 March and 26 March.

Timezone information: 5pm (UK), 6pm (Europe), 1pm (US East Coast).


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