We’re constantly being told that AI will revolutionize the way we work. So you won’t be surprised to hear that PowerPoint is also benefiting from AI upgrades. Microsoft and others are creating AI tools to incorporate into PowerPoint, allowing users to benefit from advancing technology within the comfort of familiar tools.

Microsoft Copilot is easily the most exciting thing to happen to PowerPoint (and the entire Office suite) since it launched 30 years ago. Copilot will be a huge boost to storytelling, design, and visualization – enabling you to create better presentations quickly and easily. But it’s not limited to Copilot, there are other, more subtle, but equally useful AI tools that help you in all sorts of ways.

During this masterclass, we’ll demonstrate how you can use AI tools, from creating custom graphics and layouts and finding suitable content to automatic subtitles and translations of your presentation – as you deliver it, live.

Timezone information: UK – 4pm, Europe – 5pm, US East Coast – 11am

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