While online short-form communication is extremely helpful in keeping us connected, a well-crafted document remains indispensable for effective information sharing.

Microsoft Word is often synonymous with document creation, but it’s not the best tool available in the Microsoft Office suite. But what is? You guessed it, PowerPoint! PowerPoint is a versatile tool that allows you to create diverse documents that communicate effectively with beautiful design.

Join this 30-minute masterclass for tips and tricks on how to create beautiful, effective documents in PowerPoint, with live demonstrations for creating eye-catching one-pagers, sophisticated whitepapers and engaging interactive documents.

Timezone information: UK – 4pm, Europe – 5pm, US East Coast – 11am

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Thank you for today’s PowerPoint productivity masterclass. I’ve learned so much from BrightCarbon when it comes to PowerPoint. If there isn’t a BrightCarbon fan club already, I’ll be happy to start one!

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