‘Thanks for your application, we’d like to invite you to interview. Please deliver a short presentation telling us why you’d be a great fit for our company.’ Oh. 

With presentations becoming an increasingly popular tool in job interviews, making sure yours stands out from the rest is really important. But how do you do that? (Here’s a hint, the answer isn’t just to use Prezi…)

In this 30-minute masterclass BrightCarbon’s sales presentation experts show you that what you say is far more important than how you say it. Using the magic of sales messaging you’ll learn how to craft the perfect story to help you get hired. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll give you some handy tips for making your new slides look great – all in PowerPoint.

Timezone information: UK – 4pm, Europe – 5pm, US East Coast – 11am


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Thank you so much for conducting our advanced PowerPoint training workshop. We will definitely use BrightCarbon in the future – we really think that we would be hard pressed to find anywhere better!

Emma Pring Iona Capital