Manual installation on PowerPoint for Mac

Get our free calculator add-in to see how easy it is to add new custom features to PowerPoint for Mac.

Manual Installation instructions

1. Download the calculator add-in and save it anywhere on your computer

2. Open Finder

3. Click Go and while holding the Option key, click Library

4. Navigate to ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content

5. Create a folder called Add-Ins if it doesn’t exist

6. Drag the folder to the left hand side bar to create a shortcut

7. Move the add-in you downloaded above to the Add-Ins folder

8. Open PowerPoint

9. Click Tools / PowerPoint Add-ins

10. In the Add-ins window that opens, click the [+] button

9. Click the Add-Ins shortcut in the side bar and select the BrightCarbonCalculator.ppam file

10. Click Open

11. Click Enable Macros if asked, followed by Turn Off

Using the Calculator

Once installed, you’ll see a new BrightCarbon tab in the PowerPoint ribbon.

Click the tab and then click the Calculator button.

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The video animation looks AWESOME! Thank you sooooo much. I am very happy and proud with the result; this video is really convincing. Really really well done.

Elodie Maurer SES