BrightSlide features on Windows and Mac

    Our free BrightSlide add-in is available for PowerPoint running on Windows or Mac. If you’ve used PowerPoint on both platforms you may have noticed that the Mac version doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the Windows version has. The same is true for add-ins since Microsoft don’t support everything under the hood. The table below shows what’s available on both platforms.

    Alignment Tools
    Align to Selection
    Align to First Selected
    Align to Guides9
    Align to Slide
    Alignment Tools
    Distribute to Grid
    Format Tools
    Match Size
    Character Spacing
    Paragraph Spacing
    Colour Tools1
    Format Painter
    Adjustment Painter2
    Table Format Painter2
    Selection & Object Tools
    Select Objects
    Selection Lock/Unlock
    Selection Show/Hide
    Merge Text
    Split Text
    Selection Pane Collapse/Expand
    Swap Objects
    Add to Group
    Animation Tools
    My Animations
    Animation Painter
    Animation Painter+2
    Motion Paths
    Waterfall Delay
    Grow/Shrink Calculator
    File & Master Tools
    Theme Colors
    Custom Colors
    Color Contrast Report
    Delete Recent Colors
    Batch / Assign Layouts
    Batch / Insert Layouts
    Batch / Clipboard & Selection6
    Batch / Pictures
    Review / Presentation Language3
    Review / Speaker Notes / Word Count
    Review / Speaker Notes / Export to Text File
    Review / Speaker Notes / Export to Excel File5
    Review / Speaker Notes / Export to Word File
    Review / Speaker Notes / Delete All
    Review / Hyperlinks
    Review / Navigate all Presentations
    Save Selected Slides as New File7
    Save All Slides as Individual Files7
    Export Selected Slides as Images7
    Export Media Files7
    Productivity Shortcuts4
    Contextual Tools
    Table Copy/Apply Cell Format
    Table Sort
    Table Transpose
    Table Convert to Text
    Straighten Line
    Move Section Tools
    Color Contrast Checker
    Legacy Tools
    Size & Position Tools
    Shapes / Join Shapes
    Text / Styles8
    Text / to Outline
    Text / to Placeholder
    Color / Insert Theme Colors
    Color / Insert Color Info
    Transitions / Timing Pro
    Presentation / Check Pictures
    Windows / Resize

    TBT – To Be Tested
    1 eyedropper not supported
    2 lasso mode not supported
    3 under development
    4 can cause PowerPoint to crash on some PCs
    5 not currently working due to a Microsoft issue and no solution currently available
    6 not working for cmd+v or PowerPoint ribbon but OK via BrightSlide ribbon
    7 may require you to Grant Access to your chosen folder
    8 styles must be created on a PC before they can be used on Mac
    9 requires PowerPoint version 16.62 (build 2205080) or higher and BrightSlide or higher

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