Get Used, Get Results, Easy for You

Your Presentations Get Used

Your success is important to us, and so we give you everything you need to ensure that you achieve your objectives. That means your presenters need to know how to use their new presentation, different formats and requirements need to be anticipated, and if anything changes we just help – we don’t start asking for a new order each time you need a simple edit.

Just some of the things that we do offer with our standard presentation projects:

  • BrightStart for Presenters – we provide a narrated version of your presentation to help all your presenters learn to deliver it.
  • BrightStart Notes – we write extensive speaker notes so that your presenters can pick up the slides and know what to say.
  • iPad optimised – we edit the slides as necessary so that they work well on iPad, and provide instructions on how to get them onto the device while preserving the animation.
  • Interactive version – we’ll create a version of your presentation with hyperlinked menus at the bottom, so your presenters can deliver a more interactive experience.
  • Carbon Aftercare – we’ll provide two hours of online edits after a week, month, and quarter – so that you remain happy with your new presentation, and any feedback from the field can be incorporated.

You Get Results

  • We draw on science to deliver content that works. From psychology, education, behavioural economics, and visual communications, our approach is informed by research
  • We don’t use bullet-points. People can’t read and listen at the same time, so bullet-points just undermine your presenters. Visuals, charts, diagrams, sketches – we use techniques that work
  • We have a range of approaches to creating sales tools – and always recommend the right approach for your situation. That saying about a man with a hammer thinking every problem is a nail? That’s not us. We work to understand your sales cycle, your objectives, and your market – before we make recommendations
  • We love projects where we can work with you to measure results. We have a qualified social researcher on staff, and instead of just pretending that we get results, we actually try to measure them.

Things Are Easy for You

Working with us is easy. It isn’t effortless – we need you to tell us what you want, feedback on our work, and pay your invoice – but it is easy.

  • We aren’t precious. We understand that you have other material, and that what we create may need to work well alongside the rest of your collateral
  • We respect your brand. We don’t waste time ignoring your brand guidelines, or recommending an approach that isn’t “you”. Unless you ask us to. In writing.
  • We work how you want us to work. That means that some clients want extra time in certain phases of a project, or want to meet at different times, or want to use their own tools, or need slightly different deliverables. We’ll tell you if the idea won’t work; if it will – “great, no problem”.