BrightSparks Presentation Skills – 25 April 2013

Do you present your presentations effectively? With BrightCarbon’s Presentation Skills Training for Sales you will learn to:

  • Frame your presentation in terms of the audience, and not your company
  • Tell stories and use anecdotes to overcome resistance
  • Refer forwards and back within a presentation to increase audience interest and understanding
  • Communicate value clearly and persuasively
  • Present benefits, and link these back to your value positioning
  • Present slides in a compelling and dynamic way.

Even good presenters can be undermined by bad slides. If audience members can read slides for themselves, it’s harder for the presenter to get them to listen. This makes things difficult for the presenter – and any nervousness or lack of confidence can become an issue. So, the first place to start in helping presenters is to equip them with decent slides. But good slides alone aren’t enough. Presenters still need to know how to present them. How would making sure you could present effectively impact your business?

  • Increase conversion rates – You will present more persuasively, and this will help you win more deals
  • Win bigger deals – You will communicate a compelling value story, avoid commoditisation, and be able to justify margin more effectively
  • Improve ‘B-’ and ‘C-Rep’ performance – Core and under-performing reps will be able to deliver your messages more confidently and more effectively.

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  • BrightSparks Presentation Skills – 25 April 2013

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