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Do your employees’ hearts sink when you announce that they need to sit through more eLearning? Do you worry they just click through your eLearning without learning anything much? Do you wish there was an efficient way to train your staff online that actually worked?

With eLearning from BrightCarbon you can:

  • Use visualisation and animation to illustrate complex ideas clearly
  • Ensure your content looks great, so that your learners want to use it
  • Harness the power of stories and interactive video to overcome barriers to learning
  • Introduce the right level of interactivity to reinforce the relevant skills and knowledge
  • Provide blended learning that brings together eLearning, infographics, interactive PDFs, and visual presentations for maximum impact.

With too much eLearning really no better than a click-to-reveal brochure, learners deserve better. Boring eLearning just doesn’t work. At BrightCarbon we go beyond the theory to create online learning that’s visual and compelling, that looks great, and that actually works. And because we can create rapid eLearning using authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline 2 and Adobe Captivate to such a high standard, we offer exceptional value.

eLearning from BrightCarbon will help you:

  • Enhance staff confidence and productivity by ensuring they have the business and technical knowledge they need to be effective
  • Increase revenue by providing relevant product and market knowledge to help sales people in the field
  • Promote compliance and thereby reduce business risk
  • Save time for those attending, and reach them at a time that’s convenient for them
  • Save costs compared with face-to-face training while still meeting your learning and business objectives.
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There are a number of elements to our eLearning pricing; a typical eLearning module will consist of at least multimedia content development and interactivity:

  • Multimedia content development – based on the same pricing model as our presentations. So, for example, the instructional content for a 20 minute eLearning module might cost £3750 if you provide the script, or £4750 if we develop it from a verbal brief or face-to-face training content
  • Interactivity – We charge for time spent on instructional design and development (typically using popular authoring tools). The amount depends greatly on the level of complexity and interactivity you are after, and the educational outcomes you want to achieve
  • Infographics – We typically charge between £500 – £1000 for infographics and sophisticated worksheets to use in blended learning
  • Interactive PDFs – We typically charge between £1000 – £3000 for interactive PDFs, which include hyperlinking, roll-over glossaries, illustrations, and embedded GIFs.

A module of custom eLearning could cost anywhere from £2000 – £15000 – it really does depend a great deal on your own particular needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to confirm pricing.