Presenting PowerPoint from Your iPad: SlideShark

Have you ever tried to show PowerPoint slides on your iPad? If so, you’ve experienced this problem:  the animations don’t work, the fonts are distorted and even the colors and graphics don’t render correctly. So you had to switch back to your laptop to give PowerPoint presentations – until now.

With the SlideShark app, your PowerPoint slides appear as you intended, every time.

Join Brainshark for a complimentary seminar and an interactive, hands-on demo to learn how to use SlideShark to:

  • Present slides  directly from your iPad or projected onto a screen or TV
  • View, show and manage PPT presentations with all animations, fonts, colors and graphics intact
  • Manage all PowerPoint content centrally and use powerful analytics to gain visibility into how your slides are being used and by whom

Give us 90 minutes and at the end of the session you’ll have an iPad app you can use immediately and an iPad adapter/connector to a standard projector to present PowerPoint from your iPad at your next business meeting!

  • Presenting PowerPoint from Your iPad: SlideShark

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    3rd October 2012 12pm 3rd October 2012 1:30pm
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