Careers at BrightCarbon


Communication Consultant

£22.5k-35k per annum (based on experience), plus significant profit-share bonus scheme.

BrightCarbon is a fast-growing business communications agency, based in Manchester, but with staff across the UK (and in the USA).

BrightCarbon helps sales and marketing teams create effective sales tools, and learning and development teams create effective training material. Mostly that means presentations and eLearning, but it can also mean motion graphics, infographics, or anything that uses our visual storytelling abilities. These tools really work – we help our customers to launch their products, win big pitches, train their staff, and grow their businesses. We use images and animations to make sure that the things we create are compelling. See our website for examples; it’s not what you think.

BrightCarbon is looking to recruit a new consultant to work with a diverse global client-base. Clients range from household names to start-ups; and across sectors including medical diagnostics, healthcare, IT, software, construction, facilities management, insurance, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.

There are two parts to the role.

A large part of the role consists of working with clients to help clarify, edit, and refine their messages to improve the stories they tell. This involves listening to what clients are trying to say, asking the right questions to strengthen their arguments, shaping and editing ideas to bring proper structure, and finally gaining agreement from the client to your version of their story.

The other part of the role consists of thinking of the right visual sequences to effectively convey a client’s messages. That means taking a written message and – working with a designer – coming up with ideas for visuals and animations that convey that message in a way that helps explain what the client is trying to say.

The work is extremely varied, but mostly involves listening to and improving arguments, and understanding material and finding ways to explain it to others. A wide range of clients helps to keep the work extremely fresh.

A significant proportion of the company’s work is outside of the UK, and while most of this is delivered remotely, some national and international travel will be required.

In addition to working directly with clients on projects, opportunities exist for consultants at BrightCarbon to contribute in areas such as content marketing, training delivery, and account development.

This isn’t a job that anyone could do all of immediately – full and extensive training will be given. The successful candidate will quickly become an exceptional communicator, and expert in elements of business communication. A high-level of responsibility will be given from an early stage. Then, if we like you, we’ll invest in you.

For the right candidate we’ll be flexible on location. As long as the work gets done (well) – we don’t much care if it is done from our office in Manchester, with our team in Bristol, from home, or from the local coffee shop, as long as clients receive an exceptional service. After the initial induction period this job can be done from anywhere in the country. We organise co-working space or office shares for a number of our staff.

We are looking for a strong analytical thinker, who has the ability to grasp ideas quickly, and who thinks visually. We don’t much mind what you studied. You might well be one of the brightest people you know (you probably got A*s and As at A-level)  – and unsure where to look for a job that’s genuinely interesting.

The right person will be very intelligent, a good listener, and like learning about new things. This role would suit somebody who can work independently, juggle work to meet deadlines, and who wants to move on in their career. We aren’t looking for extraordinary levels of charisma, but you must be comfortable talking to new people, asking questions, and making suggestions.

It might be an advantage if you have a creative side – be that in art, film, photography, music, or even just a quirky hobby. Strong attention to detail is also important. If you feel the urge to remove misplaced apostrophes, and have been known to spend too long thinking about arguments that others consider pointless, then BrightCarbon might be for you.

To apply, please send curriculum vitae with covering letter to careers(at) with Communication Consultant in the subject line. Address your cover letter to Joby Blume. Spending a bit of time tailoring what you send for this particular role will greatly increase your chances of being called for interview.

Closing Date – 30 January 2017